What is “Silent Disco Yoga”?

The term “Silent Disco” came from Raves where wireless headsets were used during the late night and early morning hours to avoid noise constraints while listening to DJ’s. These wireless headsets began to be used with yoga classes to create a really intimate and personal experience for the practitioner. Hence the name Silent Disco Yoga was born, and it sounds better than Wireless Headset Yoga :)

What is an “All Levels Yoga” class?

It’s a yoga class that offers something for everyone. Whether you are brand new to yoga, a beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner, you’ll find each yoga class offers something for you. All yoga poses can be modified, meaning that you can explore a very simple aspect of a yoga pose, or explore deeper into the yoga poses full expression.

What should I bring to Silent Disco Yoga?

A Yoga Mat or  Beach Towel: We recommend using a yoga mat. It’s more stable, and safer that a beach towel. If you do not have a yoga mat, we rent yoga mats for $5 each. We practice on a grassy lawn right in front of the beach, so you don’t have to worry about getting sand in, and on, your yoga mat.

A Water Bottle: We recommend an actual bottle as it’s best for the environment. We ask that you recycle non-reusable water bottles as it helps our planet. We do not sell water, however, there is a water fountain, and sinks at Commons Beach, for you to fill your water bottle.

A Hand Towel: Chances are you will sweat. You are in the outdoor elements, in the summer, at an elevation of 6,225 feet. It’s nice to have a hand towel to wipe yourself off as needed.

Layers Of Clothing: Practicing at 6,225 feet the weather conditions can be a little cooler in the morning, and tend to warm quickly as the sun rises. As you begin to warm, you can strip your layers and stay comfortable throughout the yoga class. You can also add layers if you need to stay warm.

A Hat and Sunglasses: Practicing facing the sun is a wonderful experience. Some people prefer a hat and sunglasses, others do not. It’s better to have a hat and sunglasses with you in case you want them. We will be selling Tahoe Yogi hats very soon!

Sunscreen: We ask that you use an environmentally friendly sunscreen, especially if you plan on getting in the lake after your yoga class. These types of sunscreens are better for the environment, and the lake.

A Beach Towel and Bathing Suit: If you are planning to take the “Lake Tahoe Plunge” after class, be sure to bring your towel and bathing suit.

Where Do I Park?

There are 40 parking spaces at Commons Beach. There are also various parking spaces through Tahoe City as well that are a short walk down to Commons Beach. There is also ample parking at the Tahoe Transit center, just off Highway 89 South. This is a short and scenic walk to Commons Beach. The maps below shows you exactly where there are parking spaces. 

Tahoe Transit Center Map


During the summer months in Lake Tahoe, traffic increases. This summer there is a big construction project in Tahoe City as well. They are adding 3 roundabouts, a new bridge, and upgrading Fanny Bridge. All of these projects will benefit Tahoe City’s residents and visitors immensely, but they will ad to the traffic congestion. You can get detailed information about traffic updates with the following links:

Tahoe Transportation District

California Department of Transportation | Lake Tahoe and the Sierras

We recommend you give yourself at least an extra 30 minutes to get to Commons Beach regardless of which direction you are coming from. You can get a bite to eat, coffee, or beverages in Tahoe City and enjoy the area instead of stressing in traffic.

Arrive Early and Book In Advance

Class will begin at 9am sharp. Please arrive at 8:30 am to check in, pay (if you didn’t sign up online), lay down your yoga mat, enjoy the beautiful views, and chat with new friends. We highly recommend you book in advance. This will guarantee your space. If the class is sold out, we will book you into the next available yoga class if you wish. The system and grass area can accommodate up to 100 people. You can register on this website through Mind Body, EventBrite, or AirBnB’s Experiences. Follow the links below:

MindBody (recommended) 


AirBnb Experiences 


There are various discounts offered for first time practitioners, advertising promo codes, and local’s discounts. We in no way cater to anyone different than another. If you, or someone you know, cannot afford yoga classes with us, please reach out to us at info@silentmotion.net with the Subject Header: Scholarship. We believe yoga is for everyone, and we want to accommodate people that need help. We will review each request individually. There is a beautiful saying we live by: “If you have give. If you need, ask.”


If you are visiting from lower elevations you will definitely feel the altitude. Lake Tahoe is located at elevation 6,225 feet above sea level. If you feel light headed, shortness of breath, or tired, you may be experiencing altitude sickness. Always consult a physician if you think you have a health emergency. In terms of your yoga experience. There are a few suggestions we have to help with this. Drink lots of water on your trip up to the lake and stay hydrated. Avoid alcoholic beverages of any kind before your yoga class, as well as the night before. Eat well, but not too much the night before, and day of. Get plenty of rest the night before your yoga class.


Summer time in Tahoe is almost always perfect. However, we do recommend you check the weather to make sure the scheduled class will not be affected by inclement weather. We can practice, teach, and run the sound system in most conditions except rain and high winds. Click on the link below for the 10-day Tahoe City forecast:

Wunderground 10-Day Forecast


Commons Beach has very nice public restrooms. They are cleaned multiple times each day. There is a playground for children to enjoy. There is another huge lawn adjacent to the lawn we are practicing on for families and friends to enjoy.. There are walking and bike paths that meander throughout Tahoe City from Commons Beach as well. There is also kayak and paddle board rentals right on the beach. We highly recommend making this a family affair, as there is something for everyone.

If you have anymore questions please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you promptly.

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